Burnage Memory Bank is a two year project celebrating the stories and experiences of Burnage people.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any memories, stories, photographs, sound recordings or videos of Burnage you'd be willing to share, helping us to explore, record and preserve our history.

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Recent Stories

My Time at the Acacias

Howard Self - My time at the Acacias.pdf
Howard Self shares his memories of the Acacias school from 1959 - 1965, describing his teachers, their subjects and lessons; the school routine; the school building and its environs; trips to the swimming baths and beyond; and his contemporaries,…

My aunt and uncle about 1906

Mabel and Eric Hunter.jpg
Boys wore dresses until they were "breeched until they were about 4 years old.

Leonora Nelson - Mother and Father's Bike Ride & Rural Burnage

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora's parents moved to Burnage from Ardwick, riding on bicycles down Burnage Lane; perhaps they saw the houses being built then? She also describes how Burnage remained on the edge of open country while she was growing up.

Leonora Nelson - Moving to Briarfield Road

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora describes her house being built in 1926: her father worked on the railways chose a house by Burnage railway station, registering for while it was being built.