St. Nicholas' Church

A striking modernist landmark alongside Kingsway, the church of St. Nicholas has been at the heart of the community in Burnage since the 1920s.

Take a look at photographs illustrating its construction, rising alongside the old Homestead farm; evocative of the transition Burnage experienced in the mid 1920s, a rural community on the fringe of Manchester consumed by the new estates.

Other exhibits show the Whit Walks which were lead by the church, passing the familiar Renold Works on Burnage Lane, along with photographs showing the groups and organisations which used the church as their base. 

"A milestone in the history of church architecture in England" 


Click here to listen to Bevan Taylor's oral histories.


Our thanks to Bevan Taylor for providing us with this material, along with David Govier and Drew Ellery for helping us scan the albums at Manchester Central Library.