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Bevan Taylor - The Bombing of Burnage High School and Leaving Education.

BHS Barrage.jpg
Bevan Taylor tells us about the wartime bombing of Burnage High School and how this prompted him to leave.

St. Nicholas' Church - 20th Anniversary

St Nicholas 25th Birthday.jpg
Photograph taken in the old parish hall of St. Nicholas' Church on its 20th birthday (note on reverse claims 25th birthday). Left to right at table: Rev. J.E.R. Williams (4th Rector), Mrs Williams and Rev. H.A. Barnett (1st Rector). Photograph…

Bevan Taylor - Catterick Lodge

Lancashire, Didsbury, Catterick Hall Lodge on Fog Lane c.1910.jpg
Bevan Taylor describes his parents moving to Didsbuty.

Bevan Taylor - Scouting Trip and Sheepdogs

Scouting and Sheepdogs.jpg
Photograph of Geoffrey Partington, Alan Cooper, Henry Wright and Bevan Taylor at Borthwen, Anglesey, 1941.

In embedded recording Bevan Taylor describes how a local farmer selected which sheepdog pup to keep.

St. Nicholas Church- Scoutidrome - 1955.jpg

Scoutidrome - 1955.jpg
Photograph showing "Scoutidrome" at St. Nicholas' Church, 1955, in the New Parish Hall, 10-12 February 1955.

In the second row is Jim Cumbes, 1955- Wolf Cub, 2009- Chief Executive of Lancashire Cricket Club.

St Nicholas' Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway

St Nicholas Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway.jpg
Photograph looking along Kingsway [north] from junction with Poplar Road, showing the scaffolding to the East End of the Church. Note concrete boys, carriageway construction, tramway centre reservation and 'Kingsway Garage' (automobile engineers')…

St Nicholas' Church- 1931 - Foundation Stone Laid

St Nicholas Church- Foundation Stone Laid.jpg
An image of either the Site of the Church Blessed, 5 Aug 1931, or the laying of the Foundation Stone on 4 Oct 1931.

St. Nicholas' Church - Photograph Album

St Nicholas' Church - Photograph Album.pdf
A photograph album compiled and annotated by Bevan Taylor, showing images of St. Nicholas' Church from approximately 1928 - 1938. In an introduction, Bevan writes:This photograph album was found by the Rector (Rev. T. S. R. [Chow?]) January 1986 who…