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Ted Morgan - Mother's Work

After Ted’s father died, he describes his mother’s income and her job cleaning for a local doctor at his surgery on Burnage Lane.

Ted Morgan - Accidents and Illness

Ted describes an accident he experienced at school, being pushed home on bicycle by teachers where his mother then carried him on the bike to the doctors.

Ted Morgan - Religion in Burnage

Ted describes tension between Catholics and Protestants in Burnage. Ted’s best friend was a Catholic which was unusual.


Ted Morgan - V.E. and V.J. Day Celebrations on Arbor Avenue

Ted Morgan gives us an account of the two celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War.

Ted Morgan - 'Burnage Days'

Ted recites his poem 'Burnage Days' about growing up in wartime Burnage.


Ted Morgan - Green End School

Ted recalls lunchtime naps and discipline at Green End school.

Ted Morgan - Burnage Lane Memories

Ted shares some of his memories of Burnage Lane.

Ted Morgan - Home on Arbor Avenue

Ted tells us about his parents moving to Burnage, his mother's work in the house, 'making do' during the war and the tree his brother planted in their back garden.

Ted Morgan - Childhood Food Memories

Ted describes his wartime recollections of food, hid mother's soup and the quest for sweets!

Ted Morgan - Childhood in Wartime Burnage

Ted tells us about his memories growing up in wartime Burnage.