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Whit Sunday- Procession of Witness- Parrswood Road

Whit Sunday- Procession of Witness- Parrswood Road nr Catterick Road.jpg
Whit Sunday- Procession of Witness- Rector and Churchwardens followed by Brownies and Guides. Taken on Parrswood Road near to junction with Catterick Road.

St. Nicholas' Church - Homestead Farm looking NE

Holmstead Farm looking NE.jpg
An image looking North East showing Homestead Farm, located next to the present St. Nicholas' Church.

St. Nicholas' Church - New Rectory

New Rectory.jpg
An image of the new rectory being built for St. Nicholas' Church. Burnage Station and the bridge across Fog Lane are visible in the background, along with the outbuildings of Holmstead Farm.

St Nicholas' - Bull Inn at Rear

St Nicholas Church- Bull Inn at Rear.jpg
Looking North East with 'Bull Inn' at rear [Renamed 'Old Bull Inn approx 1990 and demolished September 2000]. Semi-circular brickwork to East End of Church with rolled steel jousts (RSJ) forming floor construction over vestries.

St. Nicholas' Church under Construction

St Nicholas Church- Cottages and Bull Inn at Rear.jpg
Looking north-east, temporary railway sleeper road for access and asphalt boiler with asphalt "cakes" nearby! Cottages and Bull Inn at rear together with two tram standards and telegraph pole.

St Nicholas' Church- Farmyard in Foreground

St Nicholas Church- Farmyard in Foreground.jpg
Looking south-east, farmyard area in foreground, houses on the left on Kingsway. Note poplar trees in front of chestnut pole fencing [trees were still there in 1986 when the album was compiled]. This photograph must have been taken from the first…

St Nicholas' Church- New Rector and Choir Boys

St Nicholas Church- First Rector with Choirboys.jpg
First Rector, (Rev H. A. Barnett) with choir boys in front of the temporary church at St. Nicholas, the temporary church showing its original asbestos panels (later wood)!

St Nicholas' Church- 1931 - Foundation Stone Laid

St Nicholas Church- Foundation Stone Laid.jpg
An image of either the Site of the Church Blessed, 5 Aug 1931, or the laying of the Foundation Stone on 4 Oct 1931.

St Nicholas' Church under Construction - Homestead Farm at Rear

St Nicholas Church- Homestead Farm.jpg
A photograph of St Nicholas' Church under Construction with Homestead Farm at Rear, showing Boundary Pole at rear (Chestnut Pole).

St Nicholas' Church- Homestead Farm to Left

St Nicholas Church- Homestead Farm to left.jpg
A photograph of St. Nicholas' Church looking south east, the lower west window of the church blocked up due to the setting sun's rays! Homestead Farm is on the left and houses on Kingsway are on the right (404 being the nearest).