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St Nicholas Scouts - 1945.jpg

St Nicholas Scouts - 1945.jpg
Photograph showing the St. Nicholas' Church Scouts, around 1945.

Burnage Station - St Nicholas Christmas fayre 1983.jpg

Burnage Station - St Nicholas Christmas fayre 1983.jpg
Photograph taken at Burnage Station, Saturday 19th November 1983, 10:49am, the day of the St. Nicholas Christmas Fayre.

St Nicholas' Church - Whit Walk - 1969

St Nicholas - Whit Walks 1969.jpg
A photograph showing children from St. Nicholas' Church on Fog Lane, Burnage, on a Whit Walk in 1969.

St Nicholas' Church - Whit Walks - 1964

St Nicholas - Whit Walks - 1964.jpg
A photograph of a Whit Walk from St. Nicholas in 1964.

St. Nicholas' Church - Whit Walks 1962

St Nicholas - Whit Walks 1962.jpg
An image from a St. Nicholas' Whit Walk in 1962.

St Nicholas' Church- The First Rector

St Nicholas Church- The First Rector.jpg
An image showing the first Rector of St. Nicholas' Church, Rev. Herbert A. Barnett 2nd Image: Presumably taken inside the rectory, shows an image of Rev. Herbert A. Barnett

St Nicholas' Church- SW and NW Door Frames

St Nicholas Church- SW and NW Door Frames.jpg
Photograph showing the south-west and north-west door frames of the Church, with the new rectory at the rear (no roof on at this point).

St. Nicholas' Church - Temporary Church looking NW

Temporary Church looking NW.jpg
A photograph looking north west showing the St. Nicholas temporary church on left at rear and Homestead Farm on right [rear]. Columns to the north aisle on right, window (lower) in west wall bricked up inside eventually!

St Nicholas Church- Children Playing in Snow outside Temporary Church

St Nicholas Church- Temporary Church looking South.jpg
A photograph taken from the temporary church looking south, note the line of houses on Poplar Road with large trees in front on line of water course. Line of posts running north to south is now the eastern boundary of the Drive leading from Fog…

St Nicholas' Church - New Rectory- Temporary Church at Rear

St Nicholas - New Rectory- Temporary Church at Rear.jpg
An image of the Church under construction, looking west, with the temporary church at rear.