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Memories of School (Acacias)

Memories of School.pdf
Pauline Butterworth (nee Lister) recounts her days at the Acacias Primary School, including her journeys there, the subjects covered, memorable teachers, and her education after primary school.

When the Americans came to Burnage

Letter from American Soldier.jpeg
First is a scanned letter from an American doctor billeted in Burnage, who thanked the Lister family for their hospitality, hoping to return the complement in Tennessee. A full transcription of the letter is contained in the document below.


Memories of Wartime Burnage

Memories of Wartime Burnage.pdf
Pauline Butterworth (nee Lister) describes the air raids over Burnage, the wartime shelters in use, hunting for shrapnel, American soldiers in Burnage, VE Day, the shops on Burnage Lane and her family's servicemen.