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Bevan Taylor - Scouting Trip and Sheepdogs

Scouting and Sheepdogs.jpg
Photograph of Geoffrey Partington, Alan Cooper, Henry Wright and Bevan Taylor at Borthwen, Anglesey, 1941.

In embedded recording Bevan Taylor describes how a local farmer selected which sheepdog pup to keep.

Lend a Hand on the Land, Laleham Park - 1950

Dorothy 1950 - Laleham Park Scaled.jpg
Image of the group of volunteers at the 'Lend a Hand on the Land' camp at Laleham Park, London, 1950. Dorothy Arnold is seated on the bottom row, second from right. On the rear is written, "Joan and I farming at laleham Park, London"

Lend a Hand on the Land - Lulsgate Bottom, 1949

Dorothy 1949 - Lulsgate Bottom.jpg
Image of the group of 'Lend a Hand on the Land' volunteers at Lulsgate Bottom, Bristol, 1949. Dorothy Arnold is on the bottom row, third from the left. On the rear is written "Margaret, me, also Violet, Betty either side of us".

Lend a Hand on the Land - Friendships and Other Volunteers

Dorothy 1950 - Laleham Park Scaled.jpg
Dorothy describes how she made friends, and kept in touch with other volunteers from around the country. In the second file she talks about some friends she met from Yorkshire, steelworkers, who accompanied them to a party in Staines. She also…

Lend a Hand on the Land - Travel and Work

Ministry of Agriculture Volunteer Camps_scaled.jpg
Dorothy describes how she travelled during each of these working holidays, some of the work they had to perform, including picking potatoes near London and hoeing cabbages.

Lend a Hand on the Land - Lincoln, Bristol and London

Dorothy 1949 - Lulsgate Bottom.jpg
Dorothy describes the locations where she volunteered, Metheringham in Lincoln [1947], Lulsgate Bottom near Bristol [1948], and Laleham Park near Shepperton [1950] and how she heard about the volunteering programme.

Lend a Hand on the Land - Rationing

Articles to Bring Reverse.jpg
Dorothy recounts food and clothing rationing, fearing things would never get back to normal. Pay was poor and one couldn't afford coupons. Found bananas in Lincoln on one occasion, a rare sight, and brought them back to her granddad.