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Greenend School 1976 Mrs Smith

1976 MRS SMITH.jpg
Greenend School photo

Greenend School 1975 Mrs Speakman

Greenend School photo Burnage

My Time at the Acacias

Howard Self - My time at the Acacias.pdf
Howard Self shares his memories of the Acacias school from 1959 - 1965, describing his teachers, their subjects and lessons; the school routine; the school building and its environs; trips to the swimming baths and beyond; and his contemporaries,…

Leonora Neson - Schooling, Typing and Shorthand

Leonora passed her 11+ for Levenshulme High, but wanted to write shorthand so instead attended Ardwick Central School. Her father taught her the shorthand alphabet, which she enjoyed, but she did not enjoy typing.

She ends by describing the…


Ted Morgan - Green End School

Ted recalls lunchtime naps and discipline at Green End school.

Bevan Taylor - The Bombing of Burnage High School and Leaving Education.

BHS Barrage.jpg
Bevan Taylor tells us about the wartime bombing of Burnage High School and how this prompted him to leave.