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Garden Village Newsletter - The Wheatsheaf - February 1914

An edition of "The Wheatsheaf", the newsletter produced by residents of the Garden Village, dating from February 1914.

Barbara - Working at a Furriers.pdf

Barbara at furriers.jpg
Barbara's description of her time working at a furriers in central Manchester.

Dorothy - Walking in the Peaks.pdf

Dorothy - Walking in the Peaks.pdf
Dorothy's recollections of her various trips to the Peak District. Traveling by rail or on the bus, she describes her excursions around Edale and Hayfield.

Garden Village Jubilee 1956 - Programme and History.pdf

Garden Village Jubilee 1960 - Programme and History.pdf
A document produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Village. Includes a brief history of the village, a programme of events to celebrate its jubilee, along with extended descriptions of life in the village in the mid 1950s.

Duchess of York 26th Annual Report - 1939.pdf

A scanned copy of the 26th Annual Report of the Duchess of York Children's Hospital, 1939. Includes news of developments in the hospital over the year, a medical report and the accounts for the hospital. The General Fund section contains a list of…

Christ Church Burnage - 125 years Handbook.pdf

Christ Church Burnage - 125 years.pdf
A handbook celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Christ Church United Reformed Church on Burnage Lane. Includes commemorative programme of events, recollections of the church in the local area, and items relating to the history of the…

Childhood Memories of the 'Brickie'

Childhood Memory of the Brickie.pdf
William Brennan describes the activities local children used to enjoy at Jackson's brickworks. "It was a place of great fun and adventure, but what happened on the ‘Brickie’ had to stay on the ‘Brickie’! If our parents had known, they’d never have…

Grosvenor Garage 1937.jpg

Grosvenor Garage 1937.jpg
A view of the Grosvenor Garage on Burnage Lane from 1937.

Farmers Arms 1950s.jpg

Farmers Arms 1950s.jpg
A view of a group of people outside the Farmer's Arms in the 1950s. Are you able to identify anybody in this picture?

Making Parts for Merlin Engines.JPG

View of the interior of the garage- presumably during the second world war. "Making parts for Merlin Aero Engine" written on the back of the photograph.