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St. Nicholas' Church under Construction

St Nicholas Church- Cottages and Bull Inn at Rear.jpg
Looking north-east, temporary railway sleeper road for access and asphalt boiler with asphalt "cakes" nearby! Cottages and Bull Inn at rear together with two tram standards and telegraph pole.

St Nicholas' Church- Scaffolding at East Tower

St Nicholas Church- Scaffolding at East Tower.jpg
Photograph showing wooden scaffolding to East End and Tower. Solid plank hoarding to front of site, cabin (site office) to left. Sign board reads 'George MacFarlane and Son Builders, Newton Street, Manchester'. Site for the Church of St. Nicholas in…

St Nicholas' Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway

St Nicholas Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway.jpg
Photograph looking along Kingsway [north] from junction with Poplar Road, showing the scaffolding to the East End of the Church. Note concrete boys, carriageway construction, tramway centre reservation and 'Kingsway Garage' (automobile engineers')…