St Nicholas' Church- Farmyard in Foreground

St Nicholas Church- Farmyard in Foreground.jpg


Looking south-east, farmyard area in foreground, houses on the left on Kingsway. Note poplar trees in front of chestnut pole fencing [trees were still there in 1986 when the album was compiled]. This photograph must have been taken from the first floor in the rectory.



Tamekah Cooley

Farm yard is the place which is located outside the main building in the form of park and the land in green area. Memory bank is in the form of the memory which is the church UK custom essay of the grand alliance and main instruction area of the order.


To the right, St Nicholas Church. ... In the foreground, a broadleaf lime tree planted in 1999. ... church, in which Jane Austen later worshipped; the stable block, designed to serve the farmyard to the left but presenting a grander face to the right; ...

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