St. Nicholas' Church - 20th Anniversary

St Nicholas 25th Birthday.jpg


Photograph taken in the old parish hall of St. Nicholas' Church on its 20th birthday (note on reverse claims 25th birthday). Left to right at table: Rev. J.E.R. Williams (4th Rector), Mrs Williams and Rev. H.A. Barnett (1st Rector). Photograph presumed taken Sunday 6th December 1953 as if taken to celebrate 25th birthday it would have been 1957 and the new parish hall would have been used.




Ian Mulholland

St NIcholas Church 20th Anniversary - just seen the photograph, and certain I attended this event, along with my parents, Allan and Hilda Mulholland. My father was the first verger, and involved in preparing the church for opening in 1932. I met both Rev Barnett, who went on to become Canon at Wells Cathedral, and Rev  Garlick who later was on BBC radio religious morning broadcasts. My memories of St Nicholas are stil quite vivid, as I atended church and socials on visits to Burnage. My parents lived in Leyland Avenue. Good to see the thriving community - never in doubt. With every good wish.

Ian (74 years young) 27.7.2019


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