Memories of Errwood (Cringle) Park




Dorothy recalls Errwood (Cringle) Park, including the paddling and swimming pools, the tennis club, bowls, Whit walks, the railings surrounding the park, Cringle Fields across Crossley Road and allotments bordering Avon Road.




I went to St marys school and used to go across the road to that littel shop in the glass house to buy sweets. My family migrated to Australia and many years later 2003 I think I went to holiday to England (now an adult) visiting my old haunts I was so diappointed in Errwood Park everything was trashed the summer house boarde up it upset me to see what had become of my favourite child hood place where it used to be safe and I was told not to go there because of all the drugs and thugs. If that is progress you can keep it I didnt even bother to go to Cringle Fields where St Gregs used to play sport each week even that has gone


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