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Burnage during World War 2

Letter from American Soldier.jpeg

Accounts of people's experiences during the second world war. How did the war affect the people of Burnage?

Burnage Garden Society

Burnage Garden Society - AGM - 1942.pdf

Items relating to the Burnage Garden Society

Burnage Library

Burnage Library until 1973.pdf

A collections of items relating to libraries in Burnage. These may include the Travelling Library which had a station on Broadhill Road, the libraries…

Burnage Model Railway

Burnage Model Railway - 1.jpg

Images and articles which describe the Burnage Model Railway at 6 Moorton Avenue.

Churches in Burnage

Items relating to the churches in Burnage: St. Margaret's, St. Nicholas', St. Bernard's, Christ Church

Duchess of York Hospital

Brook House Certificate.jpg

Items relating to the Duchess of York Hospital for babies.

Grosvenor Garage


Items relating to the Grosvenor Garage on Burnage Lane.


Dorothy 1950 - Laleham Park Scaled.jpg

People describe their holidays; where they went, for how long and what activities they did while away.

Housing in Burnage

Public Health Committee- Note confirming property on Ivylea Road.PDF

Items relating to the change, development and construction of housing in Burnage.

Our Stories

Childhood Memory of the Brickie.pdf

Recollections, stories and personal accounts from the members of the Levenshulme and Burnage Local History Group.