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  • Collection: Burnage during World War 2

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - American Soldiers

Leonora talks about the Americans in Burnage, who requisitioned the hut by Parrswood Congregational Church for storage. The car park was full of jeeps, as we see from her Rose Queen photographs, and she also used to play tennis with the Americans.

Leonora Nelson - Sweet Rationing in World War 2

Leonora_023_Forget me Not 1st yr Rose Queen.jpg
Leonora notes how she had a quarter of sweets every day during the war, with her father swapping their cheese coupons for sweet coupons.

Leonora Nelson - Brother's Education and War Service

Leonora describes her brother's education and evening classes, with the onset of the war in 1939 curtailing his studies.

Leonora Nelson - Rose Queen at Parrs Wood Congregational Church

Photographs showing Leonora Nelson (nee Hey) being crowned as Rose Queen at Parrs Wood Congregation Church.

Recipe Scrapbook from World War 2 - Part 2

Scrapbook Thumbnail.jpg
Second part of Ted Morgan's mother's scrapbook featuring recipes and other newspaper cuttings.

Recipe Scrapbook from World War 2 - Part 1

Recipe Scrapbook Thumbnail.png
Ted Morgan's mother's World War 2 scrapbook, containing recipes, newspaper cuttings, and other miscellaneous items.

Ted Morgan - V.E. and V.J. Day Celebrations on Arbor Avenue

Ted Morgan gives us an account of the two celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War.

Ted Morgan - 'Burnage Days'

Ted recites his poem 'Burnage Days' about growing up in wartime Burnage.


Ted Morgan - Burnage Lane Memories

Ted shares some of his memories of Burnage Lane.

Ted Morgan - Home on Arbor Avenue

Ted tells us about his parents moving to Burnage, his mother's work in the house, 'making do' during the war and the tree his brother planted in their back garden.