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Burnage Garden Society - 50th Annual Show Programme

A programme from the Burnage Garden Society's 50th Annual Show, held in 1983. Includes a list of classes contested, along with the cash prizes and awards on offer.

Burnage Garden Society - 1996 Programme

Burnage Garden Society- 1996 Programme.pdf
A programme from the Garden Society's final show in 1996, including a list of entries and the sponsors of the event.

Burnage Garden Society - Society Life

Flowers 3.jpg
John and Bridget on some of the activities, talks and excursions undertaken by the garden society.

Burnage Garden Society - Earlier Days

Bridget and John describe the society's earlier days, and their recollections of the society when they joined in the 1970s.

Burnage Garden Society - The Society's Shop

Bridget and John talk about the society's shop, open on every Sunday morning.

Burnage Garden Society - The Old and New Buildings

1983 Programme.jpg
Bridget and John discuss the society's move from the old building to a new, purpose built home next to the Burnage Commmunity Centre.

Burnage Garden Society - Annual Shows

Burnage Garden Society- 1996 Programme.jpg
Discussions with John Simmons and Bridget Morley about the annual shows held by the Burnage Garden Society.

Burnage Garden Society - Annual General Meeting - 1942

Burnage Garden Society - AGM - 1942.pdf
The minutes from the Burnage Garden Society's Annual General Meeting, held in the clubroom of the Victoria Inn, Burnage Lane, 8th March 1942.

Describes the £50 War Loan taken out by the Society and includes an account of the address given by…

Burnage Garden Society - Final Show - 1996

A video of the Burnage Garden Society's final show in 1996.