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Coronation Gala - Burnage District Guides and Brownies

A programme of events commemorating the Coronation Gala at Green End School, organised by the Burnage District Guides and Brownies.

Ted Morgan - Scouting in Burnage

Ted tells us about his time in the scouts at Burnage.

Bevan Taylor - Scouting Trip and Sheepdogs

Scouting and Sheepdogs.jpg
Photograph of Geoffrey Partington, Alan Cooper, Henry Wright and Bevan Taylor at Borthwen, Anglesey, 1941.

In embedded recording Bevan Taylor describes how a local farmer selected which sheepdog pup to keep.

Wedding at St Nicholas - 1949/50.jpg

Wedding at St Nicholas - 1961-2.jpg
Photograph showing a wedding (of one of the Rangers) at St. Nicholas' Church in 1949/50, the Guides (from Left to Right) are Pauline Dennis, Muriel Walker and Maria Chambers.

St Nicholas Guides - 1950 - Presentation.jpg

St Nicholas Guides - 1950 - Presentation.jpg
Photograph showing Miss Marjorie Midgley (First Queen's Guide at St. Nicholas, 8th Didsbury) receiving her award from Miss Weaver (right) District Commissioner, in the "Old Parish Hall" in 1950.

8th Didsbury Guides - 1961-2.jpg

8th Didsbury Guides - 1961-2.jpg
Photograph showing Guide company outside St. Nicholas around 1961/2. Maria Chambers is in uniform, her sister Dorothy was a helper.

St Nicholas' - Scout Cubs and Officers

Scout Cubs and Officers.jpg
Two photographs showing Scout Cubs and Officers from St. Nicholas' Church. On the left hand side is the Scoutmaster, Mr Norman Bray, who lived and cycled from Stretford for Scout meetings.

St Nicholas' Scout Camp - 2

Scout Camp 6.jpg
Three images showing a Scout troop from St. Nicholas' Church camping. The first image shows Mrs Barnett, the wife of the first rector, on the right hand side.

St. Nicholas' Scout Camp

Scout Camp 1.jpg
Four images showing a scout troop based at St. Nicholas' Church camping.

St. Nicholas Church- Scoutidrome - 1955.jpg

Scoutidrome - 1955.jpg
Photograph showing "Scoutidrome" at St. Nicholas' Church, 1955, in the New Parish Hall, 10-12 February 1955.

In the second row is Jim Cumbes, 1955- Wolf Cub, 2009- Chief Executive of Lancashire Cricket Club.