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Leonora Nelson - Mother and Father's Bike Ride & Rural Burnage

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora's parents moved to Burnage from Ardwick, riding on bicycles down Burnage Lane; perhaps they saw the houses being built then? She also describes how Burnage remained on the edge of open country while she was growing up.

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Leonora Nelson - Moving to Briarfield Road

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora describes her house being built in 1926: her father worked on the railways chose a house by Burnage railway station, registering for while it was being built.


Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road - Gardens and Allotment

2 June 1963a.jpg
Leonora describes the large allotment and adjoining garden at their house at Brayside Road.

Leonora Nelson - Life at Brayside Road

Photographs of Leonora Nelson (nee Hey) and her parents at Brayside Road, Burnage. They were the first occupants of the property.

Bevan Taylor - Catterick Lodge

Lancashire, Didsbury, Catterick Hall Lodge on Fog Lane c.1910.jpg
Bevan Taylor describes his parents moving to Didsbuty.

Rev. Dennis Nadin - Housing in Burnage

Rev. Dennis Nadin praises the housing on the Burnage estates, describes the area where St. Bernard's was later built, and the relations between those living in private and Corporation housing.

Rev. Dennis Nadin - Grandparents Moving onto Southbank Road

Rev. Dennis Nadin describes his grandparents' move from West Gorton to Southbank Road, Burnage.

Tenancy Agreement for 8 Ivylea Road.PDF

Public Health Committee- Note confirming property on Ivylea Road.PDF
A copy of the tenancy agreement given to Joseph Gawkrodger on 14th Jan 1928. Note how a plot number has been allocated rather than a house number. Joseph Gawkrodger, along with his wife and two-year old daughter, moved into Burnage from West-Point,…