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Greenend school 1971

Class photo Greenend school 1971

Ted Morgan - Accidents and Illness

Ted describes an accident he experienced at school, being pushed home on bicycle by teachers where his mother then carried him on the bike to the doctors.

Ted Morgan - Green End School

Ted recalls lunchtime naps and discipline at Green End school.


Sybil and her sister describe their experiences as evacuees during the second world war.

Green End Junior School- Standard 4A- Mrs. Heap's Class

Green End School, Standard 4A, Mrs. Heap's Class.jpg
School photograph taken of class Standard 4A, Mrs Heap's class.

Green End Junior School- Standard 2A- June 1964

Green End Junior School, Standard 2A, June 1964.jpg
School photograph from Green End School, taken in June 1964, showing class Standard 2A.