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St Nicholas' Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway

St Nicholas Church- Scaffolding to East End and Kingsway.jpg
Photograph looking along Kingsway [north] from junction with Poplar Road, showing the scaffolding to the East End of the Church. Note concrete boys, carriageway construction, tramway centre reservation and 'Kingsway Garage' (automobile engineers')…

St Nicholas' Church- Scaffolding at East Tower

St Nicholas Church- Scaffolding at East Tower.jpg
Photograph showing wooden scaffolding to East End and Tower. Solid plank hoarding to front of site, cabin (site office) to left. Sign board reads 'George MacFarlane and Son Builders, Newton Street, Manchester'. Site for the Church of St. Nicholas in…

St Nicholas' Church- Homestead Farm to Left

St Nicholas Church- Homestead Farm to left.jpg
A photograph of St. Nicholas' Church looking south east, the lower west window of the church blocked up due to the setting sun's rays! Homestead Farm is on the left and houses on Kingsway are on the right (404 being the nearest).

St Nicholas' Church- Farmyard in Foreground

St Nicholas Church- Farmyard in Foreground.jpg
Looking south-east, farmyard area in foreground, houses on the left on Kingsway. Note poplar trees in front of chestnut pole fencing [trees were still there in 1986 when the album was compiled]. This photograph must have been taken from the first…

St. Nicholas' Church - Photograph Album

St Nicholas' Church - Photograph Album.pdf
A photograph album compiled and annotated by Bevan Taylor, showing images of St. Nicholas' Church from approximately 1928 - 1938. In an introduction, Bevan writes:This photograph album was found by the Rector (Rev. T. S. R. [Chow?]) January 1986 who…

When the Americans came to Burnage

Letter from American Soldier.jpeg
First is a scanned letter from an American doctor billeted in Burnage, who thanked the Lister family for their hospitality, hoping to return the complement in Tennessee. A full transcription of the letter is contained in the document below.


Burnage Library until 1973.pdf

Burnage Library until 1973.pdf
A brief essay describing the history of library services in Burnage. Contained are passages on the petitions presented to local politicians when the estate was first created, descriptions on possible sites for a permanent library building in the…