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Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road - Gardens and Allotment

2 June 1963a.jpg
Leonora describes the large allotment and adjoining garden at their house at Brayside Road.

Leonora Nelson - Bikes Gooseberries and Sports Day

Leonora_023_Forget me Not 1st yr Rose Queen.jpg
Leonora discusses trading her garden’s gooseberries for access to her friend’s bikes, and beating the boys at Belle Vue on a railway employee's sports day.

Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road - Rollerskates

Leonora's incident playing out on her rollerskates, hitching a lift off the ice-cream man!

Leonora Nelson - Life at Brayside Road

Photographs of Leonora Nelson (nee Hey) and her parents at Brayside Road, Burnage. They were the first occupants of the property.