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Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - Rose Queen

Leonora describes the church's Rose Queen celebration, held each year, with her acting as Rose Queen in 1945. She had to give speeches in the church- which she found difficult- and was often sick beforehand.

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - American Soldiers

Leonora talks about the Americans in Burnage, who requisitioned the hut by Parrswood Congregational Church for storage. The car park was full of jeeps, as we see from her Rose Queen photographs, and she also used to play tennis with the Americans.

Leonora Nelson - Rose Queen at Parrs Wood Congregational Church

Photographs showing Leonora Nelson (nee Hey) being crowned as Rose Queen at Parrs Wood Congregation Church.

Too Old for Oranges - Memories of Growing up in the Burnage area during World War 2

Sarah Gammond recounts her experiences of the Second World War as a child in Burnage. Described are accounts of her schooling, her family's membership of civil defence organisations, rationing, air raids, the Burnage Rose Queen parade and her…