Photographs taken from Original Rectory- 137 Fog Lane

St Nicholas Church- Old Rectory at 137 Fog Lane looking across Parrs Wood Road.jpg
St Nicholas Church- Photo taken from Old Rectory 137 Fog Lane.jpg
St Nicholas Church- Old Rectory on 137 Fog Lane.jpg


Two photographs taken from the Original Rectory- 137 Fog Lane:

The first is looking east over the junction of Fog Lane and Parrswood Road (note the lack of traffic lights). Shows shop blinds out on left-hand side shops on Fog Lane. The temporary congregational church building is just visible on the left hand side.

The second image is taken from the same location but looking west. Shows 'Catterick Lodge', sometime lodge to Catterick Hall on corner of The Drive off Fog Lane. Note gaslamp in centre-left.

A third shows the exterior of the Old Rectory, the house at the furthest right. Note the gaslamp in the centre and the cyclist on the left!



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Original photo is taken for the good and all ideal paths for the humans. The photo and prices is emergent for the positive items for the candidates.


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