Duchess of York Hospital - Life as a Nurse



In these four audio clips, Myra Wood first describes the duties of a nurse, including washing clothes, cleaning and cooking for the children, their responsibility for the hygiene on the ward, making the feeds for the babies and answering the telephone.

In clip number two Myra talks us through her career in nursing, the relations between nurses, sisters and the matron, the penalties for work incorrectly done, her sister at Booth Hall, being made a sister at a relatively young age, afternoon tea for the sisters, and the strict hierarchy when dining at the hospital.

In the third clip she describes her other roles, becoming senior sister, admin sister and matron, treating her nurses better than she was treated by the sisters herself. She notes the intense schedule and long days imposed on trainees, the times and lengths of various duties.

Finally, in the fourth clip she describes the 'female world' of the Duchess of York hospital, its self sufficiency, the sewing room and a nurse's uniform.


Amanda Wait and John McCrory




elsie reed nee cropper

I trained as a nurse at Duchess of york in 1964. Miss Chips was matron at this time.  I now am retired after continuing to practice at Nottingham Hospitals . My sister who still lives in Burnage told me about myra woods talk so i have listened to it but was a bit dissapointed that it didnt seem to give any dates of when it was or who was the matron at the time but it did bring back some wonderful memories so thankyou very much


Isaac Flower

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