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Duchess of York Hospital - Nursing Training

There are three clips in this playlist, in the first Myra describes her schooling, wanting to be a nurse aged 9, the letters she had to provide to apply, the interview and her three month trial at Briarwood.

In the second she talks about training…

Duchess of York Hospital - Life as a Nurse

In these four audio clips, Myra Wood first describes the duties of a nurse, including washing clothes, cleaning and cooking for the children, their responsibility for the hygiene on the ward, making the feeds for the babies and answering the…

Duchess of York Hospital - Changes in Nursing

Myra in Sisters Uniform 1963.jpg
Myra Wood describes some of the changes in nursing; the support nurses used to receive, the numbers of children each nurse was responsible for, and caring for ten or more patients.

Duchess of York Hospital - Old Operating Theatre

Old Operating Theatre.jpg
A photograph taken of the old operating theatre at the Duchess of York Hospital.

Myra Wood describes how the area was cleaned and maintained by the nurses.