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My Time at the Acacias

Howard Self - My time at the Acacias.pdf
Howard Self shares his memories of the Acacias school from 1959 - 1965, describing his teachers, their subjects and lessons; the school routine; the school building and its environs; trips to the swimming baths and beyond; and his contemporaries,…

Duchess of York Hospital - Nursing Training

There are three clips in this playlist, in the first Myra describes her schooling, wanting to be a nurse aged 9, the letters she had to provide to apply, the interview and her three month trial at Briarwood.

In the second she talks about training…

Childhood Memories of the 'Brickie'

Childhood Memory of the Brickie.pdf
William Brennan describes the activities local children used to enjoy at Jackson's brickworks. "It was a place of great fun and adventure, but what happened on the ‘Brickie’ had to stay on the ‘Brickie’! If our parents had known, they’d never have…