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My Time at the Acacias

Howard Self - My time at the Acacias.pdf
Howard Self shares his memories of the Acacias school from 1959 - 1965, describing his teachers, their subjects and lessons; the school routine; the school building and its environs; trips to the swimming baths and beyond; and his contemporaries,…

Acacias School - Miss Boyes Class

Acacias 1939 Miss Boyes Class.jpg
Miss Boyes Class in which Pauline Lister was a pupil.

Acacias Nursery Class 1935

Acacias Nursery Class 1935.jpg
This picture shows Pauline Lister in the Nursery Class at the Acacias

Memories of School (Acacias)

Memories of School.pdf
Pauline Butterworth (nee Lister) recounts her days at the Acacias Primary School, including her journeys there, the subjects covered, memorable teachers, and her education after primary school.

Memories of Wartime Burnage

Memories of Wartime Burnage.pdf
Pauline Butterworth (nee Lister) describes the air raids over Burnage, the wartime shelters in use, hunting for shrapnel, American soldiers in Burnage, VE Day, the shops on Burnage Lane and her family's servicemen.

Acacia Days

Acacia Days.pdf
Carole describes her time at the Acacias school in Burnage, detailing her journeys there, memories of the old house in which lessons were taken, school dinners, teachers and old friends.