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Leonora Nelson - Mother and Father's Bike Ride & Rural Burnage

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora's parents moved to Burnage from Ardwick, riding on bicycles down Burnage Lane; perhaps they saw the houses being built then? She also describes how Burnage remained on the edge of open country while she was growing up.

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Leonora Nelson - Moving to Briarfield Road

2 June 1963.jpg
Leonora describes her house being built in 1926: her father worked on the railways chose a house by Burnage railway station, registering for while it was being built.


Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road - Gardens and Allotment

2 June 1963a.jpg
Leonora describes the large allotment and adjoining garden at their house at Brayside Road.

Leonora Nelson - Bikes Gooseberries and Sports Day

Leonora_023_Forget me Not 1st yr Rose Queen.jpg
Leonora discusses trading her garden’s gooseberries for access to her friend’s bikes, and beating the boys at Belle Vue on a railway employee's sports day.

Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road - Rollerskates

Leonora's incident playing out on her rollerskates, hitching a lift off the ice-cream man!

Leonora Nelson - Mother and Rice Pudding

2 June 1963a.jpg
Leonora's parents kept their money in a drawer, with her mother dividing her money into a cash box after receiving it from her husband.

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - Sunday Schools

Leonora talks about the Sunday School at Parrs Wood. She notes the friendly atmosphere and growth of the congregation. There followed its development into a youth fellowship (CYF), with many speakers in attendance.

We also hear about the group's…

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - Rose Queen

Leonora describes the church's Rose Queen celebration, held each year, with her acting as Rose Queen in 1945. She had to give speeches in the church- which she found difficult- and was often sick beforehand.

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - American Soldiers

Leonora talks about the Americans in Burnage, who requisitioned the hut by Parrswood Congregational Church for storage. The car park was full of jeeps, as we see from her Rose Queen photographs, and she also used to play tennis with the Americans.

Leonora Nelson - Parrs Wood Congregational Church - Carol Singing

Leonora talks about the church's carol singers, 200-250 in total, bringing trumpets and a trombone, splitting into 4-5 groups due to numbers. They sang at pubs, asked which people wanted a house visit, with about 6-7 stops (with food!) per night.