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Cringle fields Burnage mid 1970,s

Cringle fields mid 1970,s.jpg
Cringle fields mid 1970,S , the old football changing rooms clearly dates the picture on the top left, and the large chimney at fairies engineering which I remember a few years later being hit by a thunder bolt of lightning!

Errwood road Burnage 1975

Looking from Eastern Circle towards Avon road

Greenend School 1976 Mrs Smith

1976 MRS SMITH.jpg
Greenend School photo

Greenend School 1975 Mrs Speakman

Greenend School photo Burnage

Greenend school 1971

Class photo Greenend school 1971

Elsie Hunter

20181020_161750.jpg mum early 2.jpg
About 1928. My mother Elsie Hunter