Rev. Dennis Nadin and Burnage Heritage

The Reverend Dennis Lloyd Nadin has spent a number of years researching the history of the Burnage area and produced a range of publications on the subject. We spoke to Dennis about the history and development of Burnage, his family's links to the area, and he told us how he began the Burnage Heritage project.

Dennis describes his grandparents' delight at their move from West Gorton to Southbank Road, Burnage, with their new house having a large new garden.

Here Dennis praises the housing on the Burnage estates, describing the area where St. Bernard's was later built, and the relations between those living in private and Corporation housing.

We hear about two previous historians of Burnage, along with the necessity of recording things now.

In these clips we hear about the gangs formed by young people during and after the war, each gang building a den in its area, how the gangs were formed, Dennis' reluctance to enter the Garden Village and "Low key gang warfare!"