Ted Morgan - Childhood in Wartime Burnage

Edward Morgan was raised in Burnage during the second world war, leaving when he signed up for service in the Royal Air Force. A published poet, Ted's poetry books Wordsmith's Wanderings and Peregrinations Of The Wordsmith- copies of which he has kindly donated to Burnage Library- can be purchased from Amazon.

Ted's blog, featuring his poetry and other recollections, can be accessed here: https://edwardmorgan4.wordpress.com/

Ted Morgan - Playing Out in Burnage


Ted Morgan describes the games played on the streets of Burnage, and where he and his friends played as boys.

Ted Morgan - Scouting in Burnage

Ted tells us about his time in the scouts at Burnage, his family's involvement in scouting, and camping at Styal and Sandiway.

Ted Morgan - Childhood in Wartime Burnage

Ted tells us about his memories growing up in wartime Burnage, including the Manchester Blitz, Fairey Aviation and McVitie's, and his family's jobs in wartime Manchester.

Ted Morgan - Childhood Food Memories

We hear  Ted's wartime recollections of food, his mother's soup and the quest for sweets!

Ted Morgan - Home on Arbor Avenue

Ted tells us about his parents moving to Burnage, his mother's work in the house, 'making do' during the war and the tree his brother planted in their back garden.

Ted Morgan - Burnage Lane Memories

Ted shares some of his memories of the shops and buildings on Burnage Lane.

Ted Morgan - Green End School

Ted recalls lunchtime naps and discipline at Green End school.

Ted Morgan - 'Burnage Days'

Ted recites his poem 'Burnage Days' about growing up in wartime Burnage.

Recipe Scrapbook from World War 2 - Part 1 Recipe Scrapbook from World War 2 - Part 2

Ted's mother's wartime scrapbook, featuring recipes and other newspaper cuttings.

Coronation Gala - Burnage District Guides and Brownies

Booklet from the Burnage Brownies and Guides celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The Royal Day

The Royal Day- commemorative booklet to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.