Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road and Parrswood Congregational Church

Leonora Nelson (nee Hey) was raised in Burnage on Brayside Road. Her father, involved with the railways, was attracted by its proximity to Burnage station, and her parents were the first tenants in the new Corporation house.

She shares with us her memories of growing up in the area; describes in detail her school and work life; her involvement with the youth activities at Parrswood Congregational church, an association she has retained all her life. 

In addition, she tells us about her father's extensive work in the community, and some of her brother's wartime experience.     

Leonora Nelson - Mother and Father's Bike Ride & Rural Burnage


Leonora's parents moved to Burnage from Ardwick, riding on bicycles down Burnage Lane; perhaps they saw the houses being built then? She also describes how Burnage remained on the edge of open country while she was growing up.

Leonora Nelson - Travel

Leonora describes her family making use of their father’s free railway passes, with frequent Saturday trips to Southport; holidays on the south coast and in Scotland; frequent trips to London for shopping; and journeys to exhibitions and festivals…

Leonora Neson - Schooling, Typing and Shorthand

Leonora passed her 11+ for Levenshulme High, but wanted to write shorthand so instead attended Ardwick Central School. Her father taught her the shorthand alphabet, which she enjoyed, but she did not enjoy typing..

Leonora Nelson - Working Life: First Jobs, Working in the War and VE Day

Leonora tells us how she passed the civil service exam on leaving school, and her working life as a civil servant. She latterly travelled all over the North West of England taking shorthand notes of meetings.

Leonora - Working Life: Job Description

Leonora talks about her job taking minutes at Council meetings, traveling all across north-west, with locations ranging from south Cheshire to Barrow in Furness. She would take 200 pages of shorthand each meeting recording all the sanitary…

Leonora Nelson - Rose Queen at Parrs Wood Congregational Church
Leonora Nelson - Brayside Road and Parrswood Congregational Church